Top 10 environmental films of all time

A countdown of the most important environmental films ever made.


After hearing the amazing story of how the film The 11th Hour helped to save an ancient rain forest, I realized the power that films have both as political tools and as cultural influencers. So I turned to environmentalist and media expert Harold Linde to help develop a list of the top 10 environmental films of all time. Some will disagree with the selection and others with the ranking (in order of importance). Please feel free to argue with me and put forth your own suggestions and rankings in the comments section below.  

6. FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) - BILL KROYER

Someone put up this perfect mashup of Fern Gully Avatar on Youtube to prove just how closely Avatar follows the Fern Gully story. This just adds to my point that Fern Gully, though you may think of it as just a silly kids' film, really is one of the most important environmental films ever made. It framed for a generation of kids (who are now in their 20s) the archetypal conflict between man's hunger for resources and the fragile rain forest environment. In the end of course, nature wins.




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