Top 10 environmental films of all time

A countdown of the most important environmental films ever made.


After hearing the amazing story of how the film The 11th Hour helped to save an ancient rain forest, I realized the power that films have both as political tools and as cultural influencers. So I turned to environmentalist and media expert Harold Linde to help develop a list of the top 10 environmental films of all time. Some will disagree with the selection and others with the ranking (in order of importance). Please feel free to argue with me and put forth your own suggestions and rankings in the comments section below.  

9. An Inconvenient Truth (2006) - DAVIS GUGGENHEIM

Depending on who you talk to, this was either the most important or the most damaging film for the environmental movement. It presented the scientific case for global warming in no uncertain terms, but it seemed to polarize the nation on the subject. Nevertheless, it's hard to imagine what the climate advocacy movement would be without Al Gore at the podium. It also was historically important in opening up funding for the documentary genre, proving that even a dry Powerpoint presentation could rake in $50 million.




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